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How to Start a Darts League, Essential Steps
Angola Dartboard!
Are Your Darts TOO HOT?
Bullshooter Houston Regional, January 2010 (Soft-Tip)
5th Annual Gator Shootout, April 2010 (Steel-Point Darts)
$15,000 Annual Houston Open, June 2009 (Steel-Point Darts)
Darts Poetry
You Can Be Too Sharp
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May 11, 2011 - Bullseye TV is Back!

July 15-31, 1999 - PDC World Matchplay
Winter Gardens, Blackpool, UK.Rod Harrington beat Peter Manley in a tight 19-17 Finals match, to retain the PDC World Matchplay Title.

July 16-18, 1999 - Houston Open Results

Galveston Treasure Island Open, March 12-14, 1999

CyberDarts welcomes 2 new leagues
As part of our continuing program to assist darts leagues, CyberDarts offersfree web pages to any non-profit league. This month, the Gotham City Darts League, and the Twin Cities Blind Audio Dart Leaguedebut on the Web.

Dartoid Visits the Bluebonnet Classic in Houston; and Norfolk, Virginia
Dartoid finally meets Rick Osgood, creator of CyberDarts. Read about his trip toHouston, and his visit in Norfolk.

1999 Houston Bluebonnet Classic
January 15-17, CyberDarts is at this $15,000+ event, and will post results throughout the weekend.

The 1999 SKOL World Championships were held at Purfleet, Essex, in December, 1998.
Event details, Tournament Results.

Chattanooga Choo Choo Classic
Columnist Michael Gilbert was at the tournament and gives his report. Interested in the results, we have those too.

CyberDarts Welcomes New British Columnist
CyberDarts welcomes new columnist Matt Gilbert with his first article about the players in the upcoming SKOL World Championships. See what he has to say about the players and their accomplishments, and how he predicts they'll do in the tournament.Read Article

The Latest PDC Rankings Available
Rankings from October and November. See how they were effected by the PDC Grand Prix Tournament.

1998Texas State Team Championships Results
CyberDarts has the results from the current T.S.T.C matches. RESULTS.

North American Open '98
The results are in for the North American Open in Las Vegas! See who walked off with the money and trophies.

1998 PDC World Matchplay
Professionals from all around the world are playing in Blackpool at Winter Gardens to fight for the 1998 World Matchplay Championship. The finals are over and the results are in! See who triumphed over all the rest to be named Champion.Go to Story.

$13,000 Houston Open
July 24-26, 1998 CyberDarts is live at the Sheraton Hotel in Houston, Texas. Due to a very slow phone line, the Dartcam is putting photos in an archive, instead of streaming video. Go to story.

Darts Texas Style!
It's been said that everything is big in Texas, and DARTS are no exception!

1998 News
Jan 19, 1998Watch for lots of New items this year. CyberDarts has hired extra staff to help with updates of our league Pages and Directories. New features will be added, including a Youth section, Women's section, and Darts Industry News. Many new darts items are due for release in the next few weeks, and we look forward to showing you all of the latest technology!

1998 Treasure Isle Open
March 14, 1998The 10th annual event in the Gulf of Mexico, near Galveston, Texas. How? Well, the 6 story hotel is actually on a 1,000 foot long pier, out over the surf! $8,240+ Payout, and CyberDarts is here to cover it. Our DartCam will be online during the weekend, as phone access allows. RESULTS

1998 Bluebonnet Classic
Feb 2, 1998$15,000+ was handed out this weekend, to the winners of this Houston steel-point tournament. The competition was the toughest in many years, due to the Friday staging of the ADO National Singles Cricket Finals. That added 46 pros to the field for the Bluebonnet!RESULTS

WDF-BDO Embassy World Professional Championships
Jan 3-11, 1998 In an 11th Round tie-breaker, the Netherlands' Raymond Barneveld beat beat Richie Burnett of Wales, to win the Embassy World Championships. From Lakeside Country Club, Frimley Gren, England. Results

PDC-SKOL World Championships
Dec 29, 1997 - Jan 4, 1998
The PDC-Skol World Championships were played in England, but were watched around the world, via Sky Sports TV . In the USA, this event was broadcast on Fox Sports Network (satellite). In the Sunday night Finals, Phil Taylor overwhelmed Dennis Preistly 6-0.Results

Texas Regional Bullshooter Results
CyberDarts attended this $8,000 soft-tip event, and setup the DartCam. Unfortunately, we were not able to get the hotel to provide us with an appropriate phone line, so could not go "live". We did archive the photos, however, and they will be posted shortly at this Page: WINNERS

PDC World Pairs Championships
October 26th. Sunday night was finals night at the PDC World Pairs Championships at Butlin's South Coast World in Bognor Regis. Starring in front of the capacity crowd were Holland's Raymond Barneveld and Roland Scholten, in startling form throughout this tournament, and Rod Harrington and Ritchie Burnett.

The Dutchmen quickly got into their stride, streaking to an early 5-0 lead, stunning Harrington and Burnett who seemed helpless against the finishing prowess of the men from the low country. Harrington deliberately slowed his game down, sometimes taking as much as 20 seconds to throw his three darts, which seemed to unsettle the Dutchmen. The score edged towards its conclusion, but at 15-11 Harrington and Burnett did appear to be threatening an incredible comeback.

However, Barneveld's accuracy around the treble 20 told, and with Scholten checking out on double 18 to go to 16-11 the final was looking all but over. Harrington rallied, sinking a massively pressured double 12 to go to 16-12, but the Dutchmen's mastery told. Harrington kept sinking doubles, bringing him and his partner to 17-15, but finally the Dutchmen triumphed, winning the 1997 World Pairs title 18-15. Full Results | Match Commentary

More Tournament Archives


MSN Site of the Day
CyberDarts was gratified to receive the following email from the Microsoft Network:
"Congratulations! The Microsoft Network (MSN) in the UK and whatsnew.com has selected your site as a Site of the Day. MSN currently has over 2 Million members worldwide."Oct 21, 1997

World Cup '97
Perth, Australia 10/4/97. Wales beats England in the Finals, for the WDF's 1997 World Cup Championship! In Singles competition, Raymond Barneveld won 4-2 over Peter Hinkley to win the Men's title. New Zealand's Noeline Gear won Ladies Singles, 4-0 over Northern Irelands's Denise Cassidy. In Men's Pairs competition, England's Steve Beaton & Ronnie Baxter lost to Welsh players Martin Phillips & Sean Palfry. American Ladies Stacy Bromberg & Lori Verrier won , 4-2, over the Phillipines' Paulita Vilanueva & Janice Hinojales.Results and stats now online

Darts in the Orient
Long time resident of the Orient Jim Amborse describes the Darts scene in Hanoi, Vietnam and Bankok, Thailand. Darts downstairs, or upstairs, there is a difference! 9/97 Go to story

Darts - an Official British Sport?
Martin Fitzmaurice comments on the ongoing efforts to have the British Sports Ministry officially recognise Darts as a "Sport". Official recognition would lend prestige to Darts, and also make available possible public funding, and perhaps consideration as an Olympic event.8/97 Go to story

North American Open in Las Vegas!
Peter Manley and Stacy Brombergwere the big Singles Winners. CyberDarts was there, with the DartCam! 8/97Results Online!Photo Archive

Norway Open
A prestigious event, held annually in Norway, this year's Singles were swept by Netherlands contestants: Raymond Barneveld & Francis Hoenselaar.See the Results here.

Houston Open Results online!
This year's Houston Open was a great success, with good attendence, and a lot of familiar faces. See the Results here.

WDC (PDC) World Matchplay Results!
Aug 2. Winter Gardens, Blackpool UK. Phil Taylor Wins the World MatchPlay! Taylor and Warriner in the Finals. Quarter Finals Results, Phil Taylor beats Rod Harrington 13-9, Alan Warrinerbeats Richie Burnett 13-9. Go to Story

WDF Online!
The World Darts Federation has supplied us with a pile of info, and it is all going online! WDF Rules, Byelaws, Constitution, Officers, Contact info, Press Releases, lots more! Check out the WDF Pages, now at CyberDarts ! More info going online every day, as fast as we can type..

DART-CAM Online!
July 25-27 - Visit the Houston Open, Live on our new DartCam! OK, So it is over now, and that doesn't count as "live" anymore, but it was! We had a blast, with everyone mugging the camera for friends around the country, and had the Darts Chat going as well!
Check the DartCam Link anyway, for the Photo archive, and
Results have been posted also. Our next big tournament to setup the DartCam is the Las Vegas- North American Open Darts Tournament (steel darts)

WDC & BDO Settle Differences!
June 30, 1997. It appears that the long-running "Pro Darts War" is finally over. Press Releases received today from the WDC and the BDO both describe an out of court settlement that finally ends their dispute and will probably allow Pros to once again participate in all tournaments. We will be adding articles and the actual text of the Press Releases as we receive them.
Read all Three (3) Press Releases!:
WDC Press Release
BDO Press Release
WDF Press Release

Consumer Product Safety Comm. & ADO
Updated information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (USA) is good news for darters, as it reveals a decrease in the number of reported injuries due to darts since 1992. Only 43 injuries due to darts were reported from January 1994 through April, 1997. Only five (12%) involved actual puncture wounds, and only two (2) of those occurred in a bar. GO TO STORY

Darts Chess Game!
Here is a Darts Game that I bet you haven't tried yet... Darts Chess is a remarkable chess variant that combines chess with playing darts in a rather special way! GO TO STORY

Chatanooga Choo Choo Darts Tournament 1999

Darts Chat
The CyberDarts CHAT Forum is temporarily offline, until we can install new software.

ADO Points List
The American Darts Organization is the USA's national steel-point darts sponsoring organization, and a member of the World Darts Federation. The ADO is one of many Darts organizations who have Web sites hosted Free on the CyberDarts servers. New to their site is the National Points List, which ranks USA Players according to wins each year. GO TO STORY

Dave Kelly
Pro Darter Dave Kelly joins the list of CyberDarts contributors, now read his articles about Darts online! GO TO STORY

South Pole vs Washington D.C. Darts Match
Talk about a ways to go for a darts match! This group got together over the Internet to play a match between a team in Washington DC, and another team at the South Pole, Antarctica! GO TO STORY

Chalkers' 10 Commandments!
For over 20 years, this list of common-sense rules has been the standard for dart scorekeepers behavior in darts... GO TO STORY

Just Right!
On one Friday afternoon, just before a major Houston Tournament, an internationally known lady Pro stopped by our darts shop to pick up a few supplies. This was several hours before the event was scheduled to start, and she had just flown in from out-of-state... GO TO STORY

Stacy Bromberg - Dec. 1997
A talk with top Women's Darts Pro Stacy Bromberg... GO TO STORY

Conversation with a Pro
Pro Darter Jerry Umberger, in an interview by CyberDarts Editor Rick Osgood... GO TO STORY


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