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Thanks to the ADO for providing this information.

This information from the ADO gives some interesting facts about just who plays Darts in the USA, especially in organized leagues and tournaments.

Personal Data:

The average age of ADO member is 35.49

66% have a household income over $30,000, and 26% have a household income over $50,000

Travel Data:

64% spend an average of 1-10 nights in a hotel each year

28% spend an average of more that 10 nights in a hotel each year

81% take an average of 1-10 air trips per year

82% rent a car an average of 1-10 times per year

78% belong to one or more frequent user plans

62% eat out 1-3 times per week, and 22% eat out 4-6 times per week, on a average

Financial Data:

69% choose Visa or Master Card for credit card purchases; 62% use a credit card at least on a daily or weekly basis

63% plan to buy a new vehicle in the next two years; 67% of those indicate it will be a replacement vehicle

40% have no dental insurance; 62% have no vision insurance

Social Data:

86% subscribe to 1-6 magazines per year

55% are smokers

86% drink alcoholic beverages; of those, 70% prefer beer

The AMERICAN DARTS ORGANIZATION hopes this information will assist member clubs in their efforts to recruit tournament or league sponsorships. Member organization needing assistance in using this data potential sponsors should contact Sandi Cain, President.

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