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Darts Team Names
Wierd, Wacky, Strange, something for every darts league team!
Thanks to everyone who submitted names either directly, or through Posts to our forums!

NOTE: Please keep it clean! These names are supposed to be funny, not #@#&*!...
Generally speaking, we won't print anything that a local newspaper wouldn't print, so that our Web site can keep its "All Ages" family rating.

One Way Out (Win)
A Head on Points
The Lemmings of Doom
Tons - R - Fun ( The "R" is suppose to to be backwords)
Wired Outs
The Hard Way
Verbötten ( means not allowed or forbidden in German)
Beer Guzzlers
B.T.H.O.O.M. (Anagram for "Beats The Heck Out Of Me" )
Southside Meat Packers
Darting Tongues
The Mighty Puffins
Jerks II
Flukes Count
Double Seekers
Esso Bees
Broken Arrows
Barley Boys
Six Pack AttackK
Nyte Flytes
2 Bulls and a Cow
Kalahari Batsmen
Dubious Oysters
Outrageous Fortune
Usual Suspects
Mad Dogs and the Englishman
ATTITUDE!! (All female team)
Endless Flights
Lady & the Tramps
The Dublin Outers
Bad to the Bone
Hide Your Women
Men with Large Darts
The Legend Continues
Lambs to Slaughter
Reckless Abandon
Innovative Outs
Watch Our Math
Alley Pissers
Who Darted?
The Four Cricketeers
Dart Bags
Starving Dartists
Is It In?
Wholly Funk
In Again
Grateful Darts
Achy Breaky Darts
What's The Point
Dart ShADOws
Dart Simpsons
Chairmen of the Board
Quick Flings
Cold as Ice
Dart Vaders
Better at Pool
The Marks Bros.
The Throws of Despair
On a Wire
Brutal Brussel Sprouts
Just Here for the Beer
Bullseye Bitches
Manage A Trois (French for "3 in a Bed")

2000+ Dart Team Names!


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