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The HDA has changed names and is now called the:
"Harris County Darts Assn."


Houston, Texas, USA

(Steel-Point Darts)
table head

Member of the American Darts Organization, Inc.



The $20,000 Houston Bluebonnet Classic is coming, January 14-16, 2000!
Online tournament flyer & info



Houston Darts Association - Founded in 1974, this ADO affiliated Darts associaton has a current paid membership of approximately 800 members. League play is held 3 nights weekly, with 4 to 6 persons per team, and a mixed play format of '01 & cricket games, A through C divisions.


The HDA has as its stated purpose "To promote the Sport of Darts". To fulfill this ideal, the HDA organizes three nights of league play weekly, and two major darts tournaments each year.


League play is held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. Each night plays nine games, 4 games of 501 Singles, 2 games of 501 Doubles, 2 games of Cricket Doubles, and 1 game of 3 man 601. Additionally, the "A" division plays 4 games of Cricket Singles. A team can be made up of any combination on sexes--there are no requirements on the number of men OR women that must be on the team.

Divisions on each night vary from season to season with "A", "A-", "B+", "B", "B-" and "C", however, each of these divisions are not of the same caliber on each night. Tuesday nights generally has the most highly rated players. The approx. 40 bars that the league plays out of are mostly in the southwest section of the city. Wednesday nights boast a very strong "Urban" division that keep the players located inside the 610 loop. New on Thursday nights is the Southeast division that comes no closer to the city than Hobby Airport and goes East as far as Webster, Pasadena, Kemah and San Leon.



The organization maintains a voice mail system at (713) 781-0614 and messages can be left for any board member at this number under their specific mail box. The mailing address of the Houston Darts Association is PO Box 420015, Houston, TX 77141-0015. League registration & membership renewals may be mailed to the HDA post office box or can be left at Rick's Darts & Games.

Box numbers for use by the HDA Members:
(Note: Numbers 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 are Menu Boxes, describing the boxes in their subset. 800 is to be used if you do not know exactly which board member you need to talk to.)

110 - League wide announcements

*800 - Board of Directors

120 - Physical address

*801 - League Coordinator

130 - Agenda

*802 - Statitician

140 - A.D.O. Representative

803 - Protest & Sanctioning

150 - A.D.O. Shoots

*804 - Membership

160 - Tournament news

*805 - Secretary

170 - City Singles Qualifier

*806 - Pub Liason

807 - Public Relations

*808 - Activities

809 - Treasurer

*810 - Sargent at Arms

811 - President

812 - Vice-President

813 - Open

Bold #'s - These numbers are able to accept recorded messages
* - These numbers are connected to individual pagers also, when a message is left, it will page the officer.

Statistics Boxes (messages cannot be received at these numbers)

310 - Tuesday A

410 - Wednesday Urban A

510 - Thursday Citywide A

311 - Tues. A-

411 - Wed. Urban A-

511 - Thurs. Citywide A-

320 - Tues. B+

420 - Wed. Urban B+

512 - Thurs. S.E. A-

321 - Tues. N.W. B

430 - Wed. Urban B

520 - Thurs. Citywide B+

330 - Tues. B

440 - Wed. Urban B-

521 - Thurs. S.E. B+

331 - Tues. N.W. B

450 - Wed. Urban C

530 - Thurs. Citywide B

340 - Tues. B-

460 - Wed.S.W. Upper Div.

531 - Thurs. S.E. B

350 - Tues. C

470 - Wed. S.W. Lower Div.

532 - Thurs. Baytown B

480 - Wed. West Open Div.

540 - Thurs. Citywide B-

490 - Wed. Mixed Open Div.

541 - Thurs. S.E. B-

550 - Thurs. Citywide C

Not all divisions will be active at all times, the make-up of a division depends on the amount of teams that were turned in at the start of the season. If there are no teams in a division, there will be a message in the specific mail box for that division stating that that division is inactive for the season.

Instructions for H.D.A. Voice Mail via FAX

Insert your paper into the FAX machine, switch the FAX to the speaker or monitor mode, and listen for the dial tone. Dial the HDA information number (713)781-0614, and wait for the system to answer. After the wlcome, dial 222 (or 222# depending on your machine), and listen for the tone that signifies that the two machines have recognized each other and are ready to transmit the information. (Some machines will start transmitting the information automatically, others need to have the start buttoned pushed in order to transmit.)
To head off any complaints from any sourcesabout meeting the cancellationdate to determine if the score sheet was sent within the 48 hour time limit, the HDA FAX software automatically stamps the date and time that the FAX was received on the document.This is imprinted on the Fax upon it's printing and is a FCC regulation for FaX software which cannot be overridden upon penalty of jail time and/or fines.
The system at the HDA office will be set to automatically print the incoming faxes so that when the statitician receives them, he can start imputting them into the database, saving time for all parties conserned.

The 13 member board of directors meet every other Monday. Presently Board of Directors includes:


(as of June, 1999)

  • President: Ralph Schomberg
  • Vice President: Don (Boston) Mansfield
  • Secretary:  (Vacant)
  • Treasurer: Keith Davis
  • League Coordinator: Karl Marshall
  • Statistician:  Chuck Reynolds
  • Public Relations: David Medina
  • Membership Chairman:  (Vacant)
  • Sergeant-At-Arms: Melyn Hirt
  • Pub Liaison:  Monty Brown
  • Protest/Sanctioning:  John Cuvellier
  • Activities:  (Vacant)
  • Open Position: Robert Hirt
  • ADO Rep: Jay Domser

  • Houston Darts Association Membership fees are $20 a year. There is also a $50 team registration for league play out of the approx. 35-40 darts pubs (the sponsoring bar usually pays this fee) and a $5 players fee per 15 week season.


    The HDA issues a newletter called the WIRED OUT which is mailed, occasionally, to the HDA membership.




    January 15-17, 1999: $15,000+ Bluebonnet Classic

    July 24-26, 1998: $13,000+ Houston Open Results

    January 30-February 1, 1998: $15060+ Bluebonnet Classic

    July 25-27, 1997: $10,000+ Houston Open Darts Tournament Results

    January 10-12, 1997: $13,000+ Bluebonnet Darts Classic & RESULTS Listing

    July 12-14, 1996: Houston Open Darts Tournament 1996 Results, 17th Annual Tournament! (Tournament Flyer)

    January 19-21, 1996: $13,000+ Bluebonnet Darts Classic Results

    July, 1995: $13,000+ Houston Open Darts Tournament, Results

    January, 1995: $13,000+ Bluebonnet Darts Classic


    Michael Silvestain and Judy Blizard, the 1995 City Singles Champions, were challenged by the eleven men and eleven women who qualified during 1996 for the City Singles playoff which was held on October 19th, 1996 at Big Al's in Southwest Houston.

    Playing in the Mens event were: Daryl Montgomery 10 points, Michael Silvestian 10 points, Gary Jones 9 points, Alan Laas 7 points, Wayne Bush 6 points, Scott Munroe 6 points, Dong Woo 5 points, Don Lamb 4 points, Karl Kuenning 3 points, Keith Higgins 3 points, Tom Harlan 2 points, and KC Cleveland 1 point

    Women's competitors included: Alma Crump 10 points, Sun Woo 9 points, Brenda Gandy 7 points, Christy Bowers 7 points, Soozi Pearson 6 points, Pam Duty 6 points, Judy Blaizard 5 points, Kathi Beyer 5 points, Cathy Allison 5 points, Linda Anderson 4 points, Kris Beyer 2 points, and Betty Weed 0 points.

    The Houston Darts Association 1996 City Singles Champions are Alma Crump and Daryl Montgomery.


    Winners from the different playoffs were Rick Marshall, Doyle Williams, Daryl Montgomery, Roger Pankau, Brenda Gandy and Cathy Allison. All six winners went on the Regional competition that was held in Houston, however, no Houston players placed into the East-West challenge that was held in Las Vegas at the North American Open in August.


    Brenda Gandy and Roger Pankau were the Houston Darts Association Qualifiers in 1996 and went on to the Area finals in Ft. Worth. Roger Pankau continued on to the National Finals in Council Bluffs, Iowa but was unable to make the final team that went on to Australia.


    This event has now passed, and was a great success. The Results for the 1995 1st Annual Playoff are available online. The Results for the 1996 2nd Annual Playoff are not available as yet, but we hope to have them soon.


    The Houston Darts Association was not able to field any team for this competition in 1996. Apparently other associations had the same problem because the ADO has now cancelled the event.


    HDA Membership Form

    Open this Link and Print the Membership Form shown.

    Then Mail it with your member fee to the HDA, at the address on the form.


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