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1st Charity Open Dart Tournament

Results from September 28 & 29, 1996

updated November 10,1996

All proceeds to benefit the

Center for Children Logo

Waldorf, Maryland

Thanks to all the Darters who came out and made our

1st Charity Tournament a BIG success!

Mens Double 501 1st Jason Lucas/Jerry Umberger

17 entries

2nd Patrick Guariglia/Scott Ingram
3-4 Steve Oberti/Bill Corrigan
Dick Young/Greg Bast
Ladies Double 501 1st Paula Delp/Mori Atherton

10 entries

2nd Connie Sroka/Pat Monaco
3-4 Antoinette Holt/Beth Garner
Stephanie Pentruff/Michelle Strickland
Mens Single Cricket 1st Jason Lucas

24 entries

2nd Bob Gargan
3-4 Jerry Umberger
Pat Guariglia
5-8 Scott Ingram
Steve Holt
Adam Smith
Bill Corrigan
Ladies Single Cricket 1st Mori Atherton

20 entries

2nd Morgan McCarrick
3-4 Paula Delp
Lisa Lima
5-8 Michelle Buckler
Connie Sroka
Antoinette Holt
Beth Garner
Mixed Triples Cricket 1st Jerry Umberger/Connie Spoka/Jason Lucas

15 entries

2nd Les Haga/Mori Atherton/Sean O'Conner
3-4 Pat Guariglia/Morgan McCarrick/Scotty Boy
Bear Masters/Rhonda Lawerence.Adam ?
Luck of the Draw 501 1st Pat Guariglia/Rob Yancey

34 entries

2nd Steve Oberti/Dusty Hernandez
3-4 Woody Reese/Bear Masters
Jason Lucas/Tony Smith
Mens Double Cricket 1st Jason Lucas/Jerry Umberger

14 entries

2nd Steve Oberti/Bill Corrigan
3-4 Greg Bast/Dick Young
Patrick Guariglia/Scotty Boy
Ladies Double Cricket 1st Mori Atherton/Paula Delp

8 entries

2nd Karen Walters/Sherry "O"
3-4 Tiffany Oberti/Debbie Dennis
Tee Ruleman/Rhonda Lawerence
Mens Single 501 1st Jerry Umberger

22 entries

2nd Scotty Boy
3-4 Steve Oberti
Greg Smith
5-8 Roy Marks
Bear Masters
Ethan Axenfeld
Jason Lucas
Ladies Single 501 1st Connie Sroka

18 entries

2nd Paula Delp
3-4 Mori Atherton
Antoinette Holt
5-8 Theresa Ruleman
Morgan McCarrick
Cheryl Kneff
Tiffany Oberti