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(Steel-Point Darts)

Editor's Note:  The G.A.D.A. went through a slow decline in the years after 2000, and then was finished-off by the devastation caused on Galveston Island by Hurrican Ike in 2008.   

At this time (2013), there does not appear to be any organized steel-tip darts activity on or near Galveston Island. There are a few bars with steel-point darts on the island, and a few former GADA members have expressed interest in trying to revive the league.

Formed in the mid-1980s to serve the dart players in the Galveston, Clear Lake, Webster areas. The Galveston Area Darts Assn. (GADA) was an ADO affiliated association that sponsored two nights of league play weekly, and held two major darts tournaments each year.

During most ot the 1980's & 1990's, there were about 200 current members in the Galveston Area Darts Association.

League play was held on Tuesday & Wednesday nights. Plays includes both '01 & Cricket, singles, doubles, & team games.


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