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Evelyn's Darts - Article #2

So This is Your First Tournament

Why Aren't You Playing?


Why Aren't You Playing?

by Evelyn Thompson

This is just for the ladies that come to the tournaments and don't want to play -- everyone else can tune out now.

Why aren't you playing?? Oh, I see, you aren't "good enough". Hogwash.

I'm not that good and I've been playing in these things for years now. If you come to the Houston - Galveston tournaments, odds are you'll get my autograph -- usually in the first round. So why do I play? Because it's fun and just maybe this will be my lucky day and I'll do good. Who knows how you'll do if you don't play.

Maybe you're afraid of drawing a "shirt" in the first round. Well, if I'm playing there, don't worry, I'll probably catch the "hard luck draw" for you. But if I'm not there, just remember, even the "shirts" have been knocked out in the first round by some "no-names". Nearly all of the "shirts" that I've drawn have been really super people. I wish that I could tell you all the encouraging things they have told me.

Then again you might catch the "lucky draw" and it's the other persons first tournament too. Flip a coin - it's anyone's game. Just think about how nervous the other girl is going to be also.

Just remember the next tournament you go to with your boyfriend or husband, it's to have a good time, make new friends and see old friends. But what ever you do, you'll have a lot more fun if you play rather than sitting on the sidelines. You'll have memories of those games that you "lost by a wire" and the memories of the big one that you won.

So ----- Why aren't you playing ??????

Autograph --The loser of each round has to sign the back of the winner's entry stub.

Shirt -- A professional dart player

Hard luck draw -- Aw, no, not the pro AGAIN!!!!!

No-names -- That's me and you.

Lost by a wire -- Man, I really wanted that double 5 against Paul Lim, but it was on that dumb double 12 wire. I'll get you one day, Paul !!

The big one that I won -- Thanks, Sharon Toliver, I'll never forget MY first tournament when my partner and I beat you and your partner and I took that 39 out ( S7, D16).