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While You Were Out (Broadcast TV, USA)

September, 2006

Designers run amuck!

In this episode, the design team remodels a man''s garage. To match their "modern" decor style, they made a near-regulation size dartboard out of plywood, and painted in in painfully garish colors. No one was seen throwing at the board, and it seems unlikely that anyone ever will!

While You Were Out is a weekly TV series on US television. The design group remodels a room or two in each episode. The projects are a surprise to the owner or occupant, until they return home.

Grey's Anatomy (Broadcast TV, USA)

September, 2006

Guy nearly hits girl, throwing steel point darts!

Young doctor at a bar, flirting with young lady sitting at a table near the board. Distracted, misses board, nearly hits the girl! Properly setup bristle board, on wall. Reasonably normal throwing style.

Grey's Anatomy is a weekly TV drama series about medical students, in a hospital setting.

"Eureka", TV Show, Science Fiction Channel (Cable TV, USA)

August 15, 2006

TWO Bristle Dartboards in one TV show!

"Eureka" is an isolated research town mostly populated by scientists of genius level and above, with loads of stereotypical eccentricity thrown in for humor. Everything is highly classified, as the scientists work on all sorts of far-out projects.

The Sheriff of the town is an ordinary guy, brought in to ride herd on the eccentric populace. The show is certainly more about humor than traditional science fiction.

In the episode "Invincible", a researcher (Karl) is exposed to alien radiation that causes him to rapidly evolve past normal humanity. Among other things, he can heal himself and others, using the power of his mind.

Two bristle dartboards are briefly visible in this episode, and may be part of the show's permanent set. One is in the garage of a scientist who apparently enjoys puttering around with old automobiles. This dartboard seems to be mounted a little too high on a wall, above a tool chest or cabinet. Judging from a very brief sighting, the board does not appear to be playable.

A second bristle dartboard is located on a wall in the local tavern/cafe. Visible for just a moment on a wall in the background, it might be in a playable position. Perhaps someone who regularly watches this series can comment on whether anyone ever throws darts at either dart board.

In any case, this is the only time I've ever come across a TV show with dartboards used as props in more than one location.

Someone on the show must be a real Darts fan!

"DIY Home Improvement", TV Show (Cable TV, USA)

August 14, 2006

"DIY" is a series of home improvement cable-television shows about people remodeling their houses. The show's directors and contractors develop a design, and do the majority of the construction work. In this episode, a bristle dartboard, mounted in a cabinet, was on the wall in a basement.

In this episode, the homeowners were a young couple who had started remodeling their basement to make it look like a stereotypical "British Pub". Dark-stained wood cabinets & bar, etc. The show's designers came up with a plan to finish the project, keeping the pub motif. The dartboard seemed to be setup for actual use, at or near the correct height, and with sufficient room for a few people to play a game.

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