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Saturday, 24 February, 2018: 18:58
Barley's Tavern - 2/6/2000

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Terry Carroll - TON-80 at Barley's Tavern

This TON-80 submitted by Terry Carroll at 8:37 AM on 10/10/02.
  • May, 28 2002
  • Steel-Point Darts
  • Western Carolina Dart Association
  • Asheville,NC
  • We were playing 301 in regular tournament play, and I had gotten down to 196 points left to win. I threw the three darts, and at fist I was so astonished, that I had to walk up to see if it was really true! Yep, there they were...3 of the prettiest darts I had ever thrown. two were stacked vertically in the ring, and the other lay right beside the top one horizontally! That was amazing enough, but after the ton80, it left me with only 16 points and on my next round I shot a double 8 winning the game!! Too cool! Several people bought me a round of brew, so needless to say my accuracy diminished somewhat after that!
  • Shout out to all my fellow dart players of the world!
My darts round of 180 points with 3 darts was Witnessed by:
  • Members of Both Teams:
  • The BullWingers (my team)
  • Board Busters

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