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Sunday, 25 February, 2018: 14:17
Amber Resturant - 2/6/2000

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Roselyn A. Noble - TON-80 at Amber Resturant

This TON-80 submitted by Roselyn A. Noble at 11:26 AM on 4/4/02.
  • July 21, 2001
  • Steel-Point Darts
  • Dart Council of the Phil.
  • makati city,Phillippines
  • My opponent mrs. B. kabs has already 100 left and i have 220 left and my turn to throw and i said to myself that i'm good i'm injoying this game so i got to throw 180 to set-up to 40 left so that's it i got it.thats my experience in playing darts.
My darts round of 180 points with 3 darts was Witnessed by:
  • Mr.Gilbert Noble my husband and my best friend Suzette

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