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180EntryPage - 2/6/2000

PLEASE NOTE: Your 180 will show on the CyberDarts 180 List. This form does NOT report your 180 to any other organization. Ton-80s thrown in American Darts Organization santioned play must be reported to your local league's ADO representative, who will forward it to the national ADO office.

TON-80 - Registration Form

180 points is the maximum possible score, with 3 darts, on a regulation English Bristle Dartboard, or on a standard Electronic Darts machine.

Darter's Name:

Email Address:
(Your email address will NOT be published. A confirmation of your listing will be emailed to you.)

Date the Ton-80 was thrown:
(example: January 20, 2000)

Where did you throw your 180? (Name of Bar, at home, friend's house, tournament. etc.)

Were you throwing "Steel-Point" or "Soft-Tip" Darts?

Name of Darts Assn or League, if you are a member of one:

City, State (or Province, etc.), & Country:

Witnesses (if any) names of one or more people who saw you throw the Ton-80:
(List names, ONE name per line)

How it Happened! The Details:
(Describe how you threw your 180, any interesting details. Such as league, practice, tournament, last leg of a match, etc. Did you Win that game?)

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